Creating a sacred space for trauma

Your body remembers every trauma, every emotion, and every drama even if you can’t and all these mould you into the person you become.

If childhood trauma is sabotaging how you live your life.  

I can change that.

Very quickly.

I am going to give it my best shot to reach and heal as many people as possible who were abused as children.

By teaching New and Established Healers my exciting, unorthodox tools and techniques.

By working one-to-one with courageous individuals who accept they need help to change.

No abuse is off limits:

No resulting behaviours are off limits:


A Call To All The Healers

Learn and use my unique methods for getting clients to release the source of their traumas and move forward.  
All it will take is Five one-to-one sessions with me.


A Call To The Abused And The Abusers

You know the only way to heal is by going inside. 
Put your trust in me. Please. I will keep you safe.

With me, you will turn your life around.


Lisa, Scotland

Gill, South Africa