Creating a sacred space for trauma

In the last ten years I have trained with Oprah’s Life Coach, Martha Beck, become an NLP Practitioner, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and completed three years of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Before that I was a Counter Fraud Expert and Internal Auditor for a Multi-National Company liaising with organisations as diverse as NGO’s and the World Bank.

But then the best thing that could ever have happened to me happened. My mind and my health completely unravelled and then just to make sure I got the message, I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

My body was telling me it was time to remember and it was now or never.

And so my healing journey began….


I discovered a school of thought that believed that all illnesses were symptoms of repressed emotions, cancer being the symptom of repressed anger. It was not until I went to live with a Shaman in the Peruvian Amazon, did I find out the source of that anger. Memories of ritualistic abuse in my childhood began to surface and all of a sudden, my life and my lifelong behaviours started to make sense.

Traditional therapy did not work for me, I had to find a way of shining a light into my darkest corners so that I could learn to view the world from a place of wellness and not paralysing fear.

My journey has taught me that all my adversities were my teachers. When we reach rock bottom, we can either stay there or we can fight. I chose to fight. My purpose now is to share what I have learnt with other healers, providing them with tools that will help their clients release trauma related emotions rapidly and to also continue working individually with women and men teaching them how to choose themselves over trauma.